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Updated my website today, finally, after about a year of garbage I’d been meaning to take out.  Got more work to do, but it’s better.  And visited a few Squarepusher blogs to register so I could post the Soundcloud interviews.  Wondering if I should do that whenever I get a new interview; that is, visiting the blogs that support that genre and let readers know there is another interview of mine waiting for them on Soundcloud.  I’ve got, possibly a few more interviews upcoming.  Maybe George Thorogood and George Winston.  I’m excited about both.  With Soundcloud, I think I might perodically record an update track for the folks following me.  And, decided to let followers on both Soundcloud and Twitter know what I’m thinking about regarding this blog and these interviews.  I’m thinking a little bigger today. 

“I’ve just launched a blog called “Vox Pop” that’ll talk about the interviews I got and the interviews I’m trying to get. I want to expand what I’m doing to talk to as many people as I can, and maybe even do some greater good in the process. Thanks a lot for following me as I start this work to hopefully, give you more of what you want. Text me or email me any time with any suggestions you have. Thanks.”


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August 10, 2012 at 02:06

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