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Fifty Shades of Impatience

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Three people have visited my blog today and one left a comment!  I’m excited, considering that I’m neither a porn bot nor an A-lister nor somebody with a Tweep army.  Financial advisors say drop your money into an index fund and don’t, repeat, do not watch the market.  Why is that different from diet websites that say check your weight regularly every day?  Aren’t both about the adding or subtracting of stuff important to your life?  So here I am, Mr. New Entrepreneur w/an Idea that is very important to me.  And of course, I want to check the blog every two seconds.  I want to update my Twitter and Facebook a million times a day.  But, how to be more Zen about it?  How to find the middle ground between them?  Of course, they won’t come if I build it.  And though they may come if I market it, there’s no guarantee they’ll care about it, making the case for thinking each update I do of each site will force the universe to tick the visitor count upward.  Oooooh, vicious circle.


Written by Interviewer

August 11, 2012 at 05:14

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