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I’ve Got All the Time in the World

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Social media experts say you should blog at least twice a week and spend at least a couple hours on FB and TW a day with your likes and followers.  Considering my body clock only gets 24 hours a day, I can sleep less and see more ads, or sleep more an see fewer ads.  And, of course, you should try to read the blogs of others, watch the videos of others, listen to the music others and visit the websites of others because part of the engagement is engaging.  It’s really not just one way.  But, that wasn’t in the social media expert’s calculation.  In short, I could spend an awful lot of time in front of this computer and not really know if people find it either interesting or valuable in the long term.  Especially since I just read an article asking why followers can be so fickle?  I mean, isn’t it interesting that there are software programs that tell you who stopped following you?  Why would you want to know that?  That’s the kind of self-inflicted masochism that social media can condition you to over time.  Amazing.

Anyway, as I find images to use on my website, I realize the best sites are following the Google Homepage model, lots of white space, colored boxes with short explanations, big buttons with simple instructions.  No doubt, this is in reaction to people being bombarded for twenty years now with webpages that blink and slide and beat you down with popups.  As proof, Flash animation is almost out of favor now b/c it’s so sophisticated, it was starting to look a little cheesy.  So now, the embedded video and flash has been replaced with Twitter boxes and Facebook links, as a way of showing that, yes, I have cachet.  I just can’t help wondering what’s next?  What comes after that? 

It’s almost like people are returning to the web version of sandwich boards.  So, for me, the biggest issue with the pages is high quality images, properly sized and placed with elements that are aesthetically pleasing and make logical sense.  It’s making sure the copy is gramatically and syntatically correct, my words are spelled right and the message is compelling.  Then figuring out how to link or embed the stuff supporting the site, like Soundcloud or this blog.  Lots to think about.  Progress is coming though, slowly but relentlessly.

Written by Interviewer

August 13, 2012 at 08:42

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