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Talked with Ziggy Marley finally.  I had scheduled an interview with him about a month ago, but because of scheduling conflicts, it didn’t happen.  But Michelle Rodriguez, Jennifer and all of the people at Tuff Gong Worldwide worked with me and today, Mr. Marley and I had a GREAT conversation.  He is a warm, friendly person, and passionate about all of the things he’s doing (Quick Rundown; MarijuanaMan comic book; URGE non-profit focusing on children in Jamaica and elsewhere; working to show the benefits of hemp for society; promoting the biopic of his father, Bob Marley in the film “Marley”; and performing off his most recent release, “Wild and Free”.  BTW, Wild and Free is chocked full of wisdom and warnings to a culture too consumed with the accumulation of stuff.  But, it also has some great kickback music too.  He’s a new father, an activist and very spiritual.  Tons going on in his life and yet, he’s very calm and grateful about it all.  A great experience.  I expect to have the interview finished in a couple of days.  Thanks, Ziggy.

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August 15, 2012 at 09:24

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