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I want to develop this blog to focus on the best interviews I can get.  And although I want to present a good face, I don’t want to write just happy news, like those Christmas letters you get that make you just want to say, “Oh Please.”  “Jolene just got into Sarah Lawrence with a 3.9, but she said she’d work harder and we all just laughed and laughed.  And Ron was made team captain but he had to turn it down because it cut into his volunteer time at the children’s home, …” And I don’t want to be ironically, sardonically, … whatever.  And I don’t want to write something just because I’m sitting here.  God, tell me I’m not that bored or desperate.  I guess I’m just kind of pushing out on this bubble to see how far it goes and how far I’m willing to go.  But for those times I am waiting to hear back from a record company or an agent, or I’m wrestling with a flow problem within a particular interview or something else, I may come here to vent about nothing in particular to help me process other stuff.  I hope I’ll have more discipline than that, but this post kind of belies that hope.  Thank you readers for reading.

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August 21, 2012 at 22:40

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