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Afropop and Teddy Bears

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I’ll be talking to Loveness Wesa, a musician with musical ties to Zimbabwe and South Africa via martial artist Cynthia Rothrock.  I was recommended to talk to her, and so we’ll be having a pre-interview so I can get an idea of possible lines of questions.  I don’t like to go into a conversation with someone knowing nothing, so I prefer a basis of knowledge.  But, at the same time, if I know nothing, I am like someone stumbling on her and her musical tradition for the first time.  And that can be pretty exciting too.  So, I try to split the difference; ask honest and simple questions that take me where they may, but also have concrete knowledge to fill in the spaces or focus in on what is truly important to the artist. 

Also, sent a request to interview the director of the Swedish Ad Firm, Studio Total.  They pulled off a coup in practically every sense and I’d like to talk with Per Cromwell about it.  Read about the Minsk Teddy Bear Drop here –  I really do want to talk with everybody about everything.  And this is especially interesting.  Wish me luck.

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August 23, 2012 at 14:37

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