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Interview with Loveness Wesa

Loveness being interviewed

Spent about an hour interviewing Loveness Wesa yesterday.  Many musicians are always in a state of flux, meaning, they seem to consider their music obselete just as soon as they finish it.  In a way, that is marvelous because they never let themselves become stale.  But it seems like it can also be a merciless master to please.  Loveness was this way too.  She considered the music she has released to this point, not representative of where she is or where she is going.  For those who have never heard of her though, being introduced to her through her older stuff is no crime.  So, I have two delightful CDs that I’ll be using, intermixed with her words and thoughts, which I must say, were full of emotion.  It should be up in a few days,  I hope you enjoy it.   

Also, just found out that I’ll be doing an interview with Walt Parazaider from the group Chicago in the next few weeks.  That is exciting.  I’ve always loved the big brass sound from the City of Big Shoulders, and I am loving the idea of the research I’m going to do about the band in advance of the interview.

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August 25, 2012 at 23:06

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