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Quality over Quantity

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Just a quick note to say, I’ve been on Twitter long enough to have an idea of what seems to work and what doesn’t.  People attract people, and as with every other human interaction, people want to be thanked, treated kindly, appreciated, noticed, recognized and made to feel like they matter.  That’s why I don’t generally follow retail stores, large companies, porn stars, bots, mean people, 3rd persons, “official” accounts and follower boosters.  Not only could they not care any less about me, they don’t provide anything of value unless it’s numbers, which, like empty calories, is pretty useless.  And, now that I’ve been on it a little while, I’m starting to drop the movie stars (yes, I was star struck for a minute). I read a really good article yesterday that said following everybody who follows you is certain death b/c it brings down your reputation for the sake of quantity over quality.  I believe that b/c it’s true in real life too.   

Written by Interviewer

August 27, 2012 at 22:28

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