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Genetic Errors

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I remembered something from my early days of editing … let’s say you create a first generation original of something.  If you make changes to that original and save it, you now have a second generation copy with a first generation change.  If you make another correction, you now have a third generation copy with a second generation change and a first generation change and so on.   The bad part about that is any errors not bad enough to be noticed in the first generation get amplified in each copy.  I used to think that only happened with analog, but it happens in digital too.   They can be skips, almost like how old records used to skip, or what I call hiccups, where a piece of information for some reason, repeats itself, like a hiccup.  The software can create these, downloads can create them and for sure, subsequent copies can create them.  It can drive you crazy since each time you listen, you hear something that wasn’t there before  and you think, “What the hell …”  Especially since each fix is just as likely to create a problem as fix a problem.  The only solution?  None, because errors happen.  You can only police your source material, the software and the downloads as closely as possible, and stick to one copy.  What’s the branch of physics that deals with sound?  Acoustics.  Acoustics is a b****!


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September 13, 2012 at 11:32

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