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I’m reasonably happy with some promos I’ve created to promote the interviews I’ve been doing.  So far, I’ve done four of them; Loveness Wesa, Pat Metheny, Dean Obeidallah and Squarepusher.  I’ll get the rest of them done in the next day or so.  They take about an hour each to produce and post.  But, when finished, they’re linkable from a new site I’ve started using called Buffer. The free version of Buffer lets you schedule up to 11 tweets over any period of time.  I imagine lots of people use it or something like it.  When you’re sleeping, you can still have a presence on Twitter by scheduling tweets for the wee hours or for when you’re not near a keyboard.  And these promos are dynamic, not static.  So, all the better.  The music isn’t from the artist, but from their genre.  And for that, I go to Kevin Mcleod at  He does some fantastic beds that are Royalty Free.


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September 18, 2012 at 23:25

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