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Well, after trying for several days to find a work around for the really terrible telephone connection for the Richie Spice interview, I decided equalization can just muddle things up.  So, I decided to just post it w/no equalization.  But it was a lesson that in the future, if the connection sounds like it may go in and out, I have to ask for another number.  Because in the end, if the quality isn’t high, the interview benefits nobody.  Still waiting for permission to post the Judy Collins interview.  It would be nice if you got to hear it, especially since she’s talking about her latest memoir.  But, I have to wait for the management company.  

Also, the interview promos I create and post to Twitter really seem to draw traffic to Soundcloud.  Buffer shows me analytics and some promos get a dozen or more clicks.  I love the promos and I’ll be using a lot more of them as teasers.  They work in broadcast and they work online.     

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October 18, 2012 at 23:53

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