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Here’s the thing about social networks.  They’re full of people.  No big surprise there.  But they act just like big bunches of people.  If you’re boring, they ignore you.  If you’re full of sturm and drang, they watch you but don’t interact with you b/c you’re acting crazy.  If you’re rude, they are fascinated with you b/c they want to see how rude you can be before you crash into somebody more rude.  If you’ve got something they want, like fame or cachet, they want to attach themselves to you so some of it can rub off on them and they can have something other people want.  They want your attention, but if you act needy around them, God help your sorry ass b/c they will play with you like a cat plays with a mouse.  And they’ll help you, yes, but always with an eye toward how it helps them.  No surprise there either.  So, what to do about social networks?

Your little channel, your little account, your little contacts list represents who you know, and who feels you’re worth knowing.  Like every relationship, added together, is a good reflection of who and what you are and have been, your social network is that.  It reflects the work you put into getting and keeping people.  It reflects the quality of the people.  It reflects the direction and power and focus of your efforts and maybe, your life.  And it isn’t necessarily better just because it’s big or because there’s a lot of it.  Big groups are like swirling water.  If my little groups work and I work for them, I’m happy.

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October 23, 2012 at 23:20

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