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Tweaking the Site

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Spent the whole day working on the site.  Originally, I had created a page with a video player, a chatroom and an archive.  I even thought about adding RSS.  But when I looked at it again, I thought “that’s too much crap.”  So what was the most important thing?  The past interviews and nothing else.  So everything else went.  And I designed the page in such a way so that a visitor could choose between listening to the 30-second promo about the interview or the interview itself.  It’s cleaner and I think it’ll make for a simpler and better experience for the user.  Also went to the “Learn More” page where the FAQs and the Privacy Policy and Terms are, and cleaned up all the grammatical mistakes I could find.  And I figured out how to upload the new site with http://FTP.  Finally, I changed the scheduling program to give me more time between interviews, and “POOF” I was done.  Well, not exactly poof, but I’m done and pretty pleased.  The URL is

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November 26, 2012 at 12:38

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