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I don’t know why my last post wasn’t posted.  It was one of those times when you sort of blech everything out like stream of consciousness with the satisfaction of knowing you got it all.  But then, the post isn’t there.  So, it’s lost in the ether.  My ether, not the ethernet, or the internet or wherever.  Anyway, getting back to the gear, I was wrong about the RS cheapie phone thingy.  Apparently, to do interviews via a telephone line, the equipment needs to be able to do something called “duplex” the call, meaning there needs to be a box between the phone and the software/ mixer that passes both sides of the conversation at the same time.  Otherwise, for those times when both people are talking, the equipment clips them and only lets one side pass at a time.  The RS box only does one side.  And something else.  Even if you get the right box (if you’re looking, try the AutoHybrid by JK Audio), the pan pot settings on the mixer need to be set correctly.  Pan pots let you direct an analog audio signal to either the left or right channel.  A duplex box puts you on one channel and the caller on the other channel and each side of the conversation is fed into a different channel on the mixer.  For phone interviews, your microphone is probably Channel 1.  The duplexer is on Channel 2.  But if both channels are at the straight up or balanced setting, you’ll be sending audio back to the duplexer and cancelling out the caller.  So, although your mixer will light up when you each talk, and even though the software will record both of you talking, the caller won’t be able to hear you even though you’ll be able to hear them.  So, the pan pot for the microphone needs to be set to the left (or right), and the duplexer needs to be set to the right (or left).  It was a simple fix, thanks to Alberto at JK Audio who sounded very tired, like he gets this question an awful lot.  But now, I am ready w/simple and professional set up.  I know this isn’t Twitter, but, #happy.   


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December 12, 2012 at 23:49

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