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Here’s what I’m pleased about right now.  Just listened to a piece by John Cleese (thank you very much @Passive_Guy), and he was talking about creativity and how important time, space, openness and positivity are.  And as I work to make this endeavor work, I realized that nothing worth doing can be done quickly.  One needs a zone around them to think, to plan, to put things through a checklist.  And then, when the decision is made, as fighter pilots would say, you “fire and forget.”  I have several gantrys warming up right now because I have had some time to settle some things and decide what I will make work and make right.  One among the decisions I have made is the selection of tools.  Doing anything requires a computer and shopping can be onerous, especially if funds are limited.  But I am pleased with the computer I’ve acquired because although not new, like a 2013 Lexus, all reviews rank it as classically versatile and powerful, like a rebuit ’67 Mustang.  I am excited to put me, a seasoned driver behind the wheel of it, a shiny machine with a deep growl, and see what we can do together.   


Written by Interviewer

December 13, 2012 at 02:04

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