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Paying it Forward Again

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Today is a blog day I guess.  And I feel a little guilty that I don’t have pictures and backgrounds and articles and videos in my blogs like so many other bloggers do that make their blogs so much more interesting.  Hell, I find them very interesting myself.  But, this is a pen put to a white sheet of paper.  And when you’re trying to tell something about something inside you, you need the clearest, straightest, simplest, most uncluttered way to do it; say it.  So, no pictures, no videos, no articles.  Just words.  At heart, I am a journalist – both professionally and personally.  And all a journalist ever needs is a message and a medium, and the simpler, the better.  That’s why I love this WordPress format.  It’s called “journalist” because it is spare, almost Spartan.  Like combat, you get it or you don’t.  I’ve lost you or I haven’t.  No help, but nothing in the way either.

Transferring files between the old PC and the new PC.  This process is a slow one.  I have to think about it.  What stays and gets resaved, and what goes to the recycle bin.  Waiting for a 1TB HD to help w/the transfer process.  But mostly right now, moving programs.  The drive is for the thousands of files, photos and lists I’ve created over the last decade.  Not all of that stuff is essential, but part of being a journalist is being an archivist.  The two are practically fraternal twins (is there such a thing as sorella twins)?  Anyway, lots still to do, but want to make sure the transfer of data is as smooth as possible even if it can be excruciatingly slow.  Then, when done, I think I’ll donate the computer.  It can give somebody else a lot of service.  That’s kind of my history, rather than throwing something out or selling it, I tend to give it away because I’ve been so fortunate finding such good stuff that somebody else gave up for me.  Kinda like passing it on one person at a time so we all can move a little forward.


Written by Interviewer

December 13, 2012 at 07:40

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