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Moving Programs

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Well, it didn’t behave.  Importing the website into the program yielded a lot of formatting errors.  So I abandoned that idea.  But, after working on it a little while, taking a break, and coming back to it, finally figured out how to move the website.  Just open the program in the old PC, copy each page to a flash drive, move the flash drive and open the files in the new PC.  Since they both have the same program, there shouldn’t be any issue, and there isn’t except for some images I moved that the files couldn’t find.  I’ll just replace those images in the file in the new PC and save them again.  Problem solved.  I went through a long process of first, trying to copy the folder with both versions of the software (the starter edition and the upgrade) to my new PC from the FTP site.  Then, from my old PC.  Then from the Serif website.  In every case, it seemed that information was just not being copied.  Now it seems all I needed to do was copy each open website page from the program on my old PC to a unique filename, move them, open them and resave them out of the flash drive and to the new PC.  I spent the whole day trying not to mess up original files and it turned out to be more simple than I realized.  I’m still not exactly sure from where the program is pulling the website together.  I’ve copied the website images and system folders to flash drives and hard drives, which were all plugged into the USB.  But I wanted to see if the program would still open as it did on the old PC, so I removed all of the USB drives, and it still opens.  So either saving the individual pages has all of the information I need, or everything the program needs was sereptitiously saved somewhere else that I don’t know about.  That’s not so good because if there is a problem, I want to know where to go.  And if I have an issue with the upload, I want to know all of the files I need are in one place.  Right now, I don’t know that for sure as certainly as I did with the old PC.  A little dilemma.

Written by Interviewer

December 16, 2012 at 15:48

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