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Recovering the Website

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Serif has a pretty cool way of recovering your web page files.  All of my website stuff is on my old PC; the PC I’m transitioning away from.  Copying them has been impossible because there must be somthing lost in the copying since the same program installed on my new PC doesn’t recognize the folder and I don’t know which file (if any single file) connects the folder to the program.  But I discovered the program’s import option.  So, I go to the website and select “Import”, and the program pulls the website that was created with the same program (but on a different PC) back into the program.  And I discover a whole bunch of remnants from previous work on the site; unused boxes, code, etc. that I can delete.  I’ll see if, after I clean it up, if it behaves the same.  If it does, then that dreaded hurdle has been hurdled.   

Written by Interviewer

December 16, 2012 at 07:39

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