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In sharing my list of the hierarchy of people in society who drive it, and so, are worthy of interviewing, one more group was suggested.

6.  Underworld – The underworld is for people who have power, but have it illegally or immorally.  You might say that that if the underclass is the opposite of the powerful, the underworld is the mirror image of the powerful; reversed, like bizarro Superman.  All the strength, all the knowledge but, all in the service of bad not good. And also a lot of times, deluded by their own self importance and justness that they are serving a higher purpose when really, they are just thugs or prostituting their abilities to the highest bidder or the lowest rung of their egos.   That’s not to say the powerful are all sweetness and light but at least they have an open relationship with the laws and the other four groups.  The underworld hides and obscures its true motives because it knows focusing the powerful could get it destroyed.  So it coerces, bribes, threatens, lies, coos … anything it needs to do to anyone it needs to do it to, to survive.  Examples of how each of the five groups can cross over to the underworld include celebrity to the underworld (i.e. Frank Sinatra), the powerful to the underworld (i.e. the leader and parishoners of the church that protests at funerals of soldiers, slain innocents, etc.), the expert to the underworld (i.e. Abdul Kadeer Khan) and the underclass/hoi polloi to the underworld (i.e. mass murderers and garden variety criminality, in general).

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December 18, 2012 at 01:16

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