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Arrow In Flight

For the last week or so, I’ve been telling my Twitter followers that when I reach 400, I will make a special offer.  OK, so I’ve hit 400 followers.  And now it’s time to say what the offer is.  Social media users (you) want to promote something, whether it’s their business or their talent or themselves.  And I want to promote the interviews I do so people will want me to interview them and I can make some money doing it.  So for a limited time (until January 5 2012 @ 0000 UTC), you can let me know if you want me to promote you.  In other words, I will create either a 1:00 or less video promo or a :30 or less audio promo about whatever you want to promote.  Granted, it has to be about you not somebody else, and it can’t be anything immoral or illegal.  But otherwise, I’ll basically create a commercial for you about you or something you care about, like a business, a talent, a hobby, a passion or a belief.

Before I forget, if you want to see an example of a video promo, look at this one I did for Cathy Dachenbach aka @cgdachenbach on Twitter.  And if you want to hear an example of an audio promo, listen to this one I recently did.  They’re simple and get straight to the point w/o a lot of frills.  But they’re portable and tell your story quickly, which is exactly what a commercial about something is supposed to do.

OK, so getting back to the promos, I’ll do them in the order I get requests for them, which is a first come – first served basis.  And as far as compensation, I offer you two choices.  I can do them for free, OR I can ask you to pay me what you think they’re worth.  That’s called Pay What You Want (PWYW), and it’s actually quite common.

I worked with a non profit called One World Everybody Eats that was entirely based on the PWYW model.  Radiohead experimented with it.  Panera Bread is trying it out right now.  So, it’s not so crazy.

But I do ask me “Why would I do this?”  This is obviously crazy to do this much work for this many potential people for free?  What about all that stuff about if a business doesn’t value its work, no one else will?  And people don’t value free stuff.  Well, I donated to Wikipedia b/c I realized these people put a ton of work into it and I was surprised how well they did it and how much I appreciated it.  I’ve also donated to developers of some of the free software I use for the same reason.  But they offer it for free because getting known and becoming indispensible is more important than getting paid, at least in the beginning,  … not much more mind you, but a little more.  For all I know, this may be a huge mistake.  I may be overwhelmed and not be able to deliver.  Or I may get no bites and end up feeling personally rejected.  But that is what taking risks is all about.  I want my start up to succeed.  And if that means I can do what I can do to help you succeed, I’ll do it.

So, that’s the deal for my first 400 followers.  To hear the audio version of this post in in my own voice, click here.

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December 31, 2012 at 03:43

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