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Now I remember why I had been avoiding updating my website.  Because I wasn’t sure whether the Conversus file in htdocs on my PC was updated or not, and since I could’nt find a date of the last file update, I wasn’t sure if I was replacing a newer file for an older file.  So, I copied the file from the last upload back to the PC so at least I know they’re the same.  I can check it to see if it is as current as of the most recent update.  If it is, no problem. But if it isn’t, I’ll add the most recent update I made to the file and then, upload that file via FTP.  Then, the website is current. But because I’m using two PCs and they’re not connected, I have to use a flash drive to move the Conversus file between them until I work out something smoother.  But I’ve done three interviews since the last upload/update.  Plus, I’ve removed ½ dozen interviews from Soundcloud.  So, the Conversus site needs to reflect that in changed links for those interviews.

Other technical barriers.  The buggyness between Firefox vs IE.  My version of IE is updated but I keep getting boxes with no images and 404 messages.  I get none of that with Firefox b/c it updates itself everytime I open it.  So, I don’t know if the webpage I visit is acting as it should because the browser isn’t acting as it should.  And finally, even after I was able to get the website to update, by resetting file permissions, I wasn’t able to get it to update again.  I moved the htdocs file to another folder that had the same name as it did in an earlier, simpler time when I didn’t have these problems.  Clearly, the fix that allowed yesterday’s update was within the last 12 hours, so I just need to retrace my steps. 

Once I get the list of right places to go and right things to do, I think I’ll chisel it in granite.  For anybody building and managing their own site and the associated files, folders, links, images, properties, settings and FTPs, I know you feel my pain.  But, when I get all of this down, I also won’t have to rely on someone else who makes me pay through the nose for work they may or may not be very interested doing.  So, it’s all good.

Written by Interviewer

February 2, 2013 at 01:35

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