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More Website Development Angst

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I wanted to add a search box to the website to make it easier to find interviews and other information.  Figured out how to do it, and learned that the search results and the search box can’t be embedded on the same page for some mysterious .html God-like reason.  But after I created a separate page for search results and was able to insert the search box on the master page, then I had to figure out how to delete the search results tab, which kept showing up in the navigation bar.  I kept trying different combinations of hiding the page, which seemed to keep hiding the page I was on, not the search results page I wanted to hide.  Then, noticed a button called “Remove from Navigation.” 

I wonder sometimes who thinks up “Help” and instructions for working your way through menus.  I guess I’m not as logical as I thought, but what matters is problem solved and I can move on. 


Written by Interviewer

February 3, 2013 at 06:00

Posted in Scratchpad

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