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Interesting. Just heard a story that said people take breaks from Facebook for up to several weeks at a time with the reasons being they were too busy with life responsibilities (21%), they considered it a waste of time (10%), uninteresting content (10%), too much drama (9%). You know Facebook is loving that. Timeline is their most recent attempt to keep you online and spilling your guts as much as possible. Reminds me of a joke I once heard about merchants and opium dens.

Also Richard Florida at the University of Toronto says cities with a large creative class experience a split between them and the working class that provides services. His suggestion for boosting the wages of the working class, and thus improving their quality of life is … wait for it … listen to them because they know best how to innovate in their jobs. Let’s see, I think of Job One, TQM, Covey, and books like Who Stole My Cheese, the One Minute Manager, In Search of Excellence. Every few years, management runs through the “lets have faith in our employees” gambit. It’s a cycle and it seems they stumbles upon it every time there’s a downturn in the economy. Like revolutions that threaten when the standing political ideology can’t solve theĀ  problems of the current crisis, managers, companies and boards turn to “the employees” seemingly as a way to placate them when job dissatisfaction surveys start piling up

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February 6, 2013 at 23:40

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