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I knew somebody who used to always say, “I’m so pleased” whenever they were, uh, pleased. It’s one of those things you hear somebody say sometimes that you think is kinda cool, so you modify it and adopt it. I have worked out the relationship between my social network platforms that I use. For months, years actually, they’ve been garbaged together like a ball of string in a box. Intentionally mixed the metaphors because they’ve been about as organized as a ball of string in a box and about as fresh and useful as garbage. Now, I know which one does what. I know how they’re connected and how they share. I know which ones connect directly and which ones need apps to connect. I know what I need to post from each to make them connect. Best though, I’ve stopped them from interacting in a bad way, i.e., nothing going here and everything and I mean everything, going there. I think this setup will make connecting and sharing and broadcasting interviews and stories about the business of interviewing much better. Pleased.

Written by Interviewer

February 8, 2013 at 03:44

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