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I’m about to upload an interview with country music star Don Williams. The cool thing about that is I post my interviews to my website, And, I also post some of my interviews to Soundcloud. My site is stuffed full of reggae and jazz and folk and rock and country interviews. The cool thing is I can see that hip hop artists are listening to the rock interviews and country lovers are listening to the reggae interviews and rock artists are listening to the electronica.

And when I talk to these women and men in my interviews, they start talking about the music like they’re all one family. Sune Rose Wagner of the Raveonettes is talking about Cool Hurc and the beats. Dwight Yoakam and Squarepusher are talking about the Mercy Beat and the Amen Beat. And Steep Canyon Rangers are giving shout outs to the Beatles. I love this because maybe, musicians like mathematicians, understand the music is a universal language that doesn’t have any room for prejudice and ignorance but has plenty of room under the tent for creativity and borrowing and learning and growing and delivering the same messages of love and cooperation, just with different accents.

I’m sure some hard core punk rockers or acoustic guitar folk musicians or hip hop artists will sneak a listen to Don Williams and listen to how he arranges his chords or plays with his lyrics or how he sets up his instrumentation or try to figure out the gear he’s using to get the sound they’re hearing. I am glad to help bring you all together. And the creativity that comes out it is terrific. Love it. Thank you.


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