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I’d said previously that I didn’t want to focus solely on artistic types like authors and musicians.  I love talking to them and hearing how they’re interpreting the human experience.  And I also enjoy talking with the policy makers and the political types who are also interpreting the human experience from their perspective.

So I was very pleased recently to talk with three highly regarded folks about two current and contentious issues.  Two of them; Tom Carpenter of Hanford Challenge, a nuclear watchdog organization that is focused on the cleanup of the Hanford nuclear site in Washington, and Paul Gunter of Beyond Nuclear, a non profit that rallies for the abolition of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons; they both talked to me about a compare and contrast of the Fukishima disaster versus the Hanford mismanagement.

Later, I posted a conversation with Robert Naiman, the director of Just Foreign Policy, a non profit that seeks to improve US foreign policy.  We talked about the current unrest in Egypt.  What I enjoyed about both of these conversations is that they were timely and topical and they reminded me that far away stuff miight not be so far away at all.

And soon, I expect to be posting a conversation with a Washington State Park employee who manages a tiny but magnificent public observatory in the community of Goldendale.

I love this.

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August 26, 2013 at 01:10

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