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Police react to TV News use of Facial Recognition software

This all began with the shooting of an unarmed black youth in the outskirts of Manvigor three weeks ago.  Officer Ryan Kastenmunchen, 33 and a fourteen year veteran of the Manvigor police force shot and killed 14 year old McKinley Post in the mostly hispanic neighborhood of Coreyville.  Police say Post was out on the street after curfew with older teens who ran when confronted by police.  Witnesses say Post did not run but laid face down on the ground.  The accounts then say officers went through Post’s pockets, and when Post protested, another officer standing in front of the prone youth shot him three times in the head.  Police say Post did not obey officers commands to lay face down and wrestled with an officer for his gun.

Manvigor police chief David Renner, refused to release the name of the officer for fear of retailiation against the officer and his family but we know officer Kastenmunchen’s name because network affiliate KAAC Channel 15 in Manvigor used facial recognition software to scan the Internet.  Officer Kastenmunchen was eventually identified by a photograph of him in a 2011 edition of the law enforcement trade publication, “Police On The Front Line News”. 

According to the Manvigor Auditor’s Office, Kastenmunchen is on temporary leave with pay pending an investigation by the Manvigor Police Internal Affairs Division.  Sunshine laws in the state allow police to withhold information relevant to specific incidents, but in those where officers themselves are have been removed from duty, their names can be released after an intial investigation lasting no longer than 15 days.  The anti-establishment hacking group Incognito initially identified Officer Kastenmuchen but the department said no one with that name worked for the Manvigor police. 

This morning, we learned that Chief Renner has ordered police responsible for maintaiing order in Coreyville to begin wearing black nylon mesh over their faces.  We know that because we have video from a KAAC photographer who managed to get a shot of an officer before that officer realized he was being photographed.  As you can see here, the officer runs toward the photographer with his hand extended and then the video ends.  Police spokesperson Melody Caine released a statement saying “The police must maintain order in light of the recent unrest in Coreyville and it hopes all good citizens will work with the Manvigor law enforcement to help bring calm and order back to our community”.

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August 15, 2014 at 03:54

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