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A Problem with Journalism

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Reporter Notebook

NPR reporters Leila Fadel and Deena Temple-Raston  are reporting on Turkey.  Last night, suspected ISIS sympathizers bombed the Istanbul airport, killing and injuring dozens.

But a bright spot in the investigation is that authorities say taxi drivers who unknowingly transported the terrorists have been a treasure trove of information.  Interviews with previous taxi drivers in the wake of ISIS bombings in Paris and Brussels helped investigators trace attackers back to apartments they used as staging areas, and beyond.

I wonder though, if ISIS will now begin killing taxi drivers after they’ve made their deliveries, adding more innocents to their chains of murder and destruction.

I’ve talked before about the problems with journalism and the law of unintended consequences.  If law enforcement releases information or journalists discover it, who has ultimate responsibility for its ultimate effect?

Do the ends always justify the means?

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June 30, 2016 at 06:24

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