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PLEDGE is ready for Capitalism

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To paraphrase Ira Glass, the PLEDGE website wants to offer a little swag of its own.  After years of being steeped in the public radio pledge drive, I realized that one of its most annoying aspects is the overwhelming emphasis on sustainers to the not so subtle exclusion of everyone who isn’t a sustainer.  I talk about it at length in the book.

So I’ve created a suite of teez that address that exclusivity.  Bless the sustainers; the princes and princesses of public radio.  But they aren’t the only ones in the Kingdom.  These eight shirts look at public radio’s devotion to sustainers from the perspective of people who might not have their resources but still love public radio and give as they can.

P.S. And please visit the website at and sign up for emails and information about the publication date for PLEDGE. 

Written by Interviewer

January 3, 2019 at 14:14

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