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The Music Man and the Funny Man

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Well, I decided I didn’t want to let my social media go fallow.  So, in addition to working on this website and making my social media links really easy to use, I decided to use Tweepi to help me manage my Twitter account.  It’s pretty nice.  And about the website, I just finished a video that I realized yesterday is sort of a commercial about what the site does.  It’s about six minutes, and I may cut it up into smaller pieces and put it in other places.  But the feature length version stays on the site.

And the interview with Walt Parazaider is almost done.  I’ve loved Chicago and listening to these songs is terrific.  And, I’ve been asked to interview a comedian, which should be interesting.  Will he feel like he has to be on?  Or will he just talk outside of his stage persona.  I think comedians are the toughest of all performers.  It seems to me that everybody else goes onstage and does what they do; almost following a script, blocking, a score, whatever.  But comedians, they’re constantly shifting gears to ride rise and fall with the mood of the audience.  And it could be a mood that lifts and carries them, or snarls at them and tries to eat them alive.

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September 7, 2012 at 06:58