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Technical Glop

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So, I did an interview with a sweet little old lady, and I’m trying to upload it to the server host.  I go to the website software and add the interview, make the links to the Soundcloud account and figure, since the promo will take longer and the interview is already done, I’ll make the changes to the website now and do the promo later.  After changes, I save them to disc, but uh oh …, no folder.  The old Conversus folder is on the old PC.  So I create a new folder and save the changes to the folder.  Then, I go to the FTP site and try to upload the folder to the server host but uh oh … the server doesn’t recognize the name I gave the folder.  “htdocs” seems to be the default folder name servers recognize for file uploads via FTP.  So, I go looking for the htdocs folder and drop the new folder with the new changes into it.  I go back to the server host and try to upload the files but uh oh … there is something that is preventing a connection to be made.  It doesn’t let me drag files or folders from my PC to the uploader because it doesn’t make some other connection it needs first.  So I Google “You are not connected. Please connect first” and “Could not load remote file listing” and learn it has something to do with Windows 7 and Java and security authentications.  I change SSL settings … nothing.  I disable and reenable the Windows Firewall … nothing.  So, I sent an email to the server host, where I expect them to charge me about $60/hr to click a box I know not which.  I hate glop.

Written by Interviewer

December 20, 2012 at 07:23